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By G. K. Chesterton

Part comedy, half event, half social observation, this miraculous story of the next day to come explores the essence of human nature

released in 1904, G. ok. Chesterton’s debut novel is decided 80 years sooner or later. know-how and social mores stay an analogous, however the England of 1984 boasts a central authority within which ineffectual kings are chosen at random from an in a different way apathetic population that has “lost religion in revolutions.”

The political approach hits a snag while Auberon Quin is chosen because the subsequent monarch. extra joker than potentate, Quin amuses himself by means of fitting a chain of legislation and peculiar customs that inflate civic pomp and situation to laughable proportions. those regulations unavoidably positioned Quin, a pace-setter who doesn't believes in any of his dictums, on a collision path along with his so much earnest supporter: Adam Wayne, in a different way referred to as the Napoleon of Notting Hill.
a favourite between students and critics, The Napoleon of Notting Hill showcases the eclectic wit and unorthodox mind that verified Chesterton as one of many 20th century’s such a lot influential and far-reaching thinkers.
This publication has been professionally proofread to make sure accuracy and clarity on all units.

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