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Austen’s hilarious early tales and sketches—complete together with her delightfully quirky spelling habits—now gathered in a single quantity, including Lady Susan, the foundation for Whit Stillman's characteristic film Love and Friendship starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny

Jane Austen’s earliest writing dates from while she was once simply eleven-years-old, and already indicates the hallmarks of her mature paintings. however it can also be a made of the days during which she grew up—dark, ugly, usually unusually bawdy, and a miles cry from the polished, gleaming novels of manners for which she grew to become recognized. Drunken heroines, infants who chew off their moms’ arms, and a letter-writer who has murdered her entire kin all function in those hugely lively items. This version contains all of Austen’s juvenilia, together with her “History of England” - written by way of a 'partial, prejudiced and ignorant Historian and the novella Lady Susan, within which the anti-heroine schemes and cheats her method via excessive society. With a title that captures a tender Austen’s unique idiosyncratic spelling behavior and an advent by way of Christine Alexander that indicates how Austen used to be self-consciously fashioning herself as a author from an early age, it is a must-have for any Austen lover.

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