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Roman dictator Julius Caesar returns from a successful crusade in Spain, inflicting his fellow-citizens to distrust the scope of his political objectives. Afraid that he'll settle for the name of king , a gaggle of conspirators convince Marcus Brutus to hitch their plot opposed to Caesar. William Shakespeare s play revolves round Marcus Brutus as he grapples with problems with friendship, honor, and patriotism.

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E. destiny 149 be sounded be spoken/resound/be celebrated 152 conjure invoke spirits 153 commence increase, wide awake a hundred and fifty five meat foodstuff 156 nice strong (plays at the experience of “fat”) 156 Age i. e. the current time 157 breed of skill to produce/supply of 158 the good flood function of either the Bible and Greek mythology; within the classical flood, Zeus drowns all mankind with the exception of Deucalion and his spouse Pyrrha 162 room puns on Rome (the phrases have been mentioned in a similar fashion) a hundred sixty five a Brutus as soon as i. e. Lucius Junius Brutus, who expelled the final king of Rome and based the Roman republic a hundred sixty five brooked tolerated, continued 166 kingdom throne/kingship 168 not anything jealous in without doubt 169 paintings convince 169 target proposal, knowing 172 so … you if i could entreat you in friendship 173 moved suggested, persuaded 176 meet becoming 176 excessive very important 179 reputation give some thought to 181 like most likely teach retinue 186 after in accordance with 187 priceless that's useful of one hundred ninety chidden scolded, rebuked 192 ferret ferret-like, i. e. small and pink 194 crossed challenged 194 convention debate 199 Sleek-headed well-groomed, smooth-haired two hundred yond i. e. yonder, over there 203 given disposed 204 may I want 205 my identify i. e. I 207 spare lean, gaunt 208 seems … deeds i. e. sees all through to the reasons at the back of men’s activities 211 kind approach 215 better i. e. higher guy 218 Caesar i. e. no longer susceptible to worry 223 chanced occurred 224 unhappy serious/downcast 227 crown laurel crown, image of kingship 228 positioned it via waved it away, declined it 235 marry certainly (literally, “by the Virgin Mary”) 236 gentler extra courteously/with much less insistence 242 mere whole 244 coronets smaller crowns, not so good as that worn by means of a king 245 fain willingly 248 nonetheless as at any time when 249 rabblement crowd, rabble 250 chopped chapped, roughened 250 nightcaps a slighting connection with their headgear, to not caps worn in mattress 253 durst dared 256 smooth wait a second 259 like most likely 259 the falling illness epilepsy 261 we … ailment i. e. our fortunes are falling, we're overlooked 263 tag-rag ragged 265 use are accustomed 265 precise sincere 268 plucked me plucked (me is an intensifier) 269 ope open 269 doublet close-fitting Elizabethan man’s jacket 269 an if 270 a … career i. e. a operating guy, one of many crowd (plays on experience of “a guy of action”) 270 taken … note taken him at his notice (taken performs on experience of “struck”) 271 would need 277 stabbed performs on experience of “penetrated sexually” 285 Greek to me i. e. unintelligible 287 placed to silence i. e. faraway from place of work (or potentially “put to death”) 290 promised forth engaged to dine in other places 292 brain carry inclination doesn’t switch 296 blunt forthright/dull 297 quickly mettle energetic lively, quick-witted three hundred tardy slow, reluctant 301 rudeness tough, uncouth demeanour 301 wit intelligence 302 abdominal urge for food, inclination 306 domestic to you on your condominium 308 the realm i. e. the country of Rome/your civic accountability 309 noble starts an alchemical metaphor: “noble” metals (gold and silver) can't be transmuted into base components (though regardless of this, Cassius thinks he can regulate Brutus) 310 mettle spirit, disposition (puns on “metal”) 310 wrought manipulated/transmuted 311 that … disposed its ordinary inclination/its average disposition 311 meet correct, becoming 312 their likes these like them 313 who i.

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