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By Richard Preston

Seven years ahead of Richard Preston wrote approximately frightening viruses in The sizzling Zone, he grew to become his awareness to the cosmos. In First Light, he demonstrates his reward for developing an exhilarating and soaking up narrative round a fancy medical subject--in this situation the efforts by way of astronomers on the Palomar Observatory within the San Gabriel Mountains of California to look to the farthest edges of area during the Hale Telescope, trying to remedy the riddle of the construction of the universe.

Richard Preston's identify turned a loved ones observe with The sizzling Zone, which bought approximately 800,000 copies in hardcover, was once on The ny Times's bestseller checklist for forty two weeks, and was once the topic of numerous journal and newspaper articles. Preston has develop into a sought-after commentator on well known technological know-how subjects.

For this hardcover reprint of what has been referred to as "the most sensible well known account of astronomy in action," (Kirkus Reviews) he has revised the textual content and written a brand new advent.

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