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By Charnan Simon

Examine the place our domestic planet suits into the sun procedure, what it's made from, and why it's the in simple terms position we will stay.

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Sixteen to the Moon and past h ave you ever checked out the total Moon within the evening sky? just about all the planets within the sun method have moons. those moons circle round their planets whereas the planets circle round the sunlight. a few planets have many moons. earth has only one. 17 neil armstrong and buzz aldrin have been the 1st astronauts to stroll at the Moon. 18 The Moon is our closest neighbor in area. it's also the one position in area that individuals have visited. astronauts first landed at the Moon on July 20, 1969. scientists are nonetheless learning the moon rocks and soil that the astronauts introduced again. 19 The hubble house Telescope is helping scientists see remote into the universe. 20 scientists use telescopes and spaceships to check different planets and stars in house. to date, they've got no longer came upon the other position the place humans may reside. earth is only one small planet in a tremendous universe. however it is simply correct for us! Make a wager! Earth is the one planet in our sunlight process the place humans can reside. Do you're thinking that humans may be able to survive different planets outdoor our sun approach? 21 gLossary astronauts (ASS-truh-nawts) those who fly in spaceships oxygen (OK-suh-juhn) a drab, odorless, tasteless gasoline that makes up approximately one-fifth of Earth’s surroundings; people can’t reside with no oxygen to respire surroundings (AT-muhss-fihr) the gases or air surrounding a planet axis (AK-siss) an imaginary line that is going via an item and round which the thing turns scientists (SYE-uhn-tists) those that learn nature and make discoveries gases (GASS-ehz) components, comparable to air, that may unfold to fill any area they're in nitrogen (NYE-truh-juhn) a drab, odorless, tasteless fuel that makes up approximately four-fifths of Earth’s surroundings orbit (OR-bit) the trail during which a planet or different item circles round one other item sun process (SOH-lur SISS-tuhm) a celeb, akin to the solar, and all of the planets and moons that stream round it telescopes (TEL-uh-skohps) instruments used to examine far flung gadgets universe (YOO-nuh-vurss) the planets, stars, and every thing that exists in house 22 FInd out extra Books websites Chancellor, Deborah. Planet Earth. Boston: Kingfisher, 2006. nasa area position spaceplace. nasa. gov/en/kids/ get pleasure from video games, tasks, and enjoyable proof approximately Earth and area. Wells, Robert E. What’s So detailed approximately Planet Earth? Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman & Co. , 2009. house. com—our sunlight method: proof, Formation and discovery www. area. com/solarsystem/ examine extra in regards to the items in our sun procedure and the way they have been shaped. 23 IndEx a air, thirteen animals, five, 15 astronauts, 19 surroundings, thirteen axis, eleven M Moon, 17, 19 c colour, 15 o orbit, nine oxygen, thirteen d days, eleven g gases, thirteen L place, 7 n nitrogen, thirteen North Pole, eleven P humans, five, thirteen, 15, 19, 21 vegetation, five, 15 s scientists, 19, 21 dimension, 7 sunlight approach, five, thirteen, 17, 21 South Pole, eleven spaceships, 21 velocity, nine sunlight, five, 7, nine, 17 floor, 15 t telescopes, 21 temperatures, 7 u universe, 21 W water, 15 y years, nine concerning the writer Charnan Simon is a former editor of Cricket, click on, and Spider magazines.

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