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By William Shakespeare

John Wilders - literary consultant to the BBC television Shakespeare sequence - brings thorough scholarship and a pragmatic figuring out of functionality must this re-creation. readability, accessibility and rigour are the hallmarks of an variation that allows you to offer priceless counsel for all its readers. "This version has a really useful advent and solid transparent textual content, in addition to the really very good and unique notes." Dr Michael Herbert, St Andrews collage 'Â…a invaluable remedy of a posh play' Barry Gaines, college of recent Mexico, Shakespeare Quarterly

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MENAS The 3rd half then he's under the influence of alcohol: would it not have been all, That it could possibly cross on wheels101! ENOBARBUS Drink thou: elevate the reels102. MENAS Come. POMPEY this isn't but an Alexandrian ceremonial dinner. ANTONY It ripens in the direction of it. Strike the vessels105, ho! Here’s to Caesar! CAESAR i'll good forbear’t107. It’s monstrous108 labour whilst I wash my mind And it develop fouler109. ANTONY Be a baby o’th’time110. CAESAR ‘Possess it’, I’ll make answer111. yet I had particularly speedy from all112 4 days Than drink quite a bit in a single. ENOBARBUS Ha, my brave114 emperor! To Antony lets dance now the Egyptian Bacchanals115 And celebrate116 our drink? POMPEY Let’s ha’t, solid soldier. ANTONY Come, let’s all take palms until eventually that the conquering wine hath steeped our experience In gentle and mild Lethe120. ENOBARBUS All take palms: Make battery to122 our ears with the loud song, The while123 I’ll position you, then the boy shall sing. The holding124 each guy shall beat as loud As his powerful facets can volley125. song performs. Enobarbus locations them hand in hand. BOY The music Come, thou monarch of the vine, Sings Plumpy127 Bacchus with red eyne! In thy fats129 our cares be drowned, With thy grapes our hairs be topped. Cup us130 until the area cross around, Cup us until eventually the realm cross around! CAESAR What may you extra? Pompey, goodnight. reliable brother132, enable me request you off133: our graver enterprise Frowns at this levity. mild lords, let’s half: you spot we've got burnt our cheeks135. powerful Enobarb Is weaker than the wine, and mine personal tongue Splits what it speaks: the wild disguise137 hath nearly Anticked138 us all. What wishes extra phrases? Goodnight. reliable Antony, your hand. POMPEY I’ll try out you140 at the shore. ANTONY And shall, sir. Give’s your hand. POMPEY O, Antony, you've my father’s apartment. yet what143, we're buddies? Come down into the boat. ENOBARBUS Take heed you fall now not. — [Exeunt all yet Enobarbus and Menas] Menas, I’ll no longer on shore. MENAS No, to my cabin. those drums, those trumpets, flutes! What! 147 permit Neptune148 pay attention we bid a noisy farewell to those nice fellows. Sound and be hanged! Sound out! Sound a flourish, with drums ENOBARBUS Ho, says a150. There’s my cap. Throws his cap within the air MENAS Ho! Noble captain, come. Exeunt [Act three Scene 1] working scene nine situation: Syria * * * input Ventidius because it have been in triumph, the lifeless physique of Pacorus borne sooner than him, [with Silius and different Roman officials and squaddies] VENTIDIUS Now, darting Parthia1, paintings thou struck, and now happy fortune does of Marcus Crassus2’ loss of life Make me revenger. undergo the king’s son’s physique earlier than our military: thy Pacorus4, Orodes, can pay this for Marcus Crassus. SILIUS Noble Ventidius, while but with Parthian blood thy sword is hot, The fugitive Parthians follow8. Spur via Media, Mesopotamia9, and the shelters whither The routed fly. So thy grand captain Antony Shall set thee on triumphant11 chariots and placed garlands on thy head. VENTIDIUS O Silius, Silius, i've got performed sufficient. A reduce place14, notice good, may possibly make too nice an act15.

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